Package 'ReLTER'

Title: An Interface for the eLTER Community
Description: ReLTER provides access to DEIMS-SDR (, and allows interaction with data and software implemented by eLTER Research Infrastructure (RI) thus improving data sharing among European LTER projects. ReLTER uses the R language to access and interact with the DEIMS-SDR archive of information shared by the Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) network. This package grew within eLTER H2020 as a major project that will help advance the development of European Long-Term Ecosystem Research Infrastructures (eLTER RI - The ReLTER package functions in particular allow to: - retrieve the information about entities (e.g. sites, datasets, and activities) shared by DEIMS-SDR (see e.g. get_site_info function); - interact with the [ODSEurope]( starting with the dataset shared by [DEIMS-SDR]( (see e.g. [get_site_ODS]( function); - use the eLTER site informations to download and crop geospatial data from other platforms (see e.g. get_site_ODS function); - improve the quality of the dataset (see e.g. get_id_worms). Functions currently implemented are derived from discussions of the needs among the eLTER users community. The ReLTER package will continue to follow the progress of eLTER-RI and evolve, adding new tools and improvements as required.
Authors: Alessandro Oggioni [aut, cre, fnd] , Micha Silver [aut, ctb] , Paolo Tagliolato [aut, ctb] , Luigi Ranghetti [aut, ctb] , Allison Horst [rev] (Allison reviewed the package (v. 1.0.0) for rOpenSci, see, Will Bolton [rev] (Will reviewed the package (v. 1.0.0) for rOpenSci, see, Mauro Lepore [edt] (Mauro was editor for rOpenSci, see
Maintainer: Alessandro Oggioni <[email protected]>
License: GPL (>= 3)
Version: 2.1.1
Built: 2024-07-13 02:23:58 UTC

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eLTER write Rdata data


[Experimental] This function write a Rdata file from csv, tsv, txt, xls or xlsx dataset


elter_write_rdata(myfiles, delim)



A character. The list of the files to deposit in Zenodo. Please provide all files only with 'csv' extension.


A character. Provide the character used to separate fields within a record. Only if the extension of the file(s) are 'csv', 'tsv', or 'txt'.


This function returns a rds files.


Alessandro Oggioni, phD [email protected]


## Not run: 
## Not run:

  myfiles = c(
  delim = ";"

## End(Not run)

## End (Not run)

Obtain the information about of an eLTER activity.


[Stable] This function obtains the information about of an eLTER activity (e.g. provided in DEIMS-SDR catalogue.


get_activity_info(activityid, show_map = FALSE)



A character. It is the DEIMS ID of activity make from DEIMS-SDR website. DEIMS ID information here. The DEIMS.iD of activity is the URL for the activity page.


A boolean. If TRUE a Leaflet map with occurrences is shown. Default FALSE.


The output of the function is a tibble with main features of the activities in a site, and a leaflet map plot.

The function output