Package: RefManageR 1.4.0

Mathew W. McLean

RefManageR: Straightforward 'BibTeX' and 'BibLaTeX' Bibliography Management

Provides tools for importing and working with bibliographic references. It greatly enhances the 'bibentry' class by providing a class 'BibEntry' which stores 'BibTeX' and 'BibLaTeX' references, supports 'UTF-8' encoding, and can be easily searched by any field, by date ranges, and by various formats for name lists (author by last names, translator by full names, etc.). Entries can be updated, combined, sorted, printed in a number of styles, and exported. 'BibTeX' and 'BibLaTeX' '.bib' files can be read into 'R' and converted to 'BibEntry' objects. Interfaces to 'NCBI Entrez', 'CrossRef', and 'Zotero' are provided for importing references and references can be created from locally stored 'PDF' files using 'Poppler'. Includes functions for citing and generating a bibliography with hyperlinks for documents prepared with 'RMarkdown' or 'RHTML'.

Authors:Mathew W. McLean [aut, cre]

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# Install RefManageR in R:
install.packages('RefManageR', repos = c('', ''))

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Add Citations to an RMarkdown Document and Print Bibliography

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Add Citations to an RMarkdown Document and Print Bibliography

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Readme and manuals

Help Manual

Help pageTopics
Import and Manage BibTeX and BibLaTeX references with RefManageRRefManageR-package RefManageR refmanager
Search BibEntry objects by fieldSearchBib [.BibEntry
Extract entries from a BibEntry object by index[[.BibEntry
Assign a BibEntry entry to another BibEntry object[[<-.BibEntry
Update Different Fields of Multiple Entries of a BibEntry Object[<-.BibEntry
Merge two BibEntry objects while discarding duplicates+.BibEntry merge.BibEntry
Extract fields from a BibEntry object$.BibEntry
Replace values for a particular field in a BibEntry object$<-.BibEntry
Coerce to a BibEntry objectas.BibEntry is.BibEntry
Coerce to a Data
Enhanced Bibliographic EntriesBibEntry
Set options/hooks for RefManageRBibOptions
Combine BibEntry objects.c.BibEntry
Cite a BibEntry object in text and print all citationsAutoCite Cite Citep Citet NoCite PrintBibliography TextCite
Lookup a Bibtex entry using a Digital Object IdentifierGetBibEntryWithDOI
Retrieve citation information from NCBI's Entrez for a set of PubMed IDsGetPubMedByID
Retrieve related articles from PubMed using PubMed ID'sGetPubMedRelated
Return the first or last part of a BibEntry objecthead.BibEntry tail.BibEntry
Extract all fields present in a BibEntry objectfields levels.BibEntry
Retrieve PubMed ID's for a BibEntry objectLookupPubMedID
Names (keys) of a BibEntry objectnames.BibEntry names<-.BibEntry
Open BibEntry in PDF viewer or web
Print BibLaTeX bibliography Entriesprint.BibEntry
BibLaTeX/BibTeX .bib file parserReadBib
Search CrossRef for citations.ReadCrossRef
Import book and article references from a public Google Scholar profile by ID.ReadGS
Create bibliographic information from PDF Metadata.ReadPDFs
Search NCBI's E-Utilities for citation informationReadPubMed
Get Bibliography Information From a Zotero Library.ReadZotero
Flatten and unflatten BibEntry objectsRelistBibEntry unlist.BibEntry
Sort a BibEntry Objectsort.BibEntry
Convert BibEntry objects to BibTeX or BibLaTeXtoBiblatex toBibtex toBibtex.BibEntry
Rename a field in a BibEntry object.UpdateFieldName
Create a BibTeX File from a BibEntry Object e Creates a Bibtex File from a BibEntry object for use with either BibTeX or BibLaTex.WriteBib