Package: auk 0.7.1

Matthew Strimas-Mackey

auk: eBird Data Extraction and Processing in R

Extract and process bird sightings records from eBird (<>), an online tool for recording bird observations. Public access to the full eBird database is via the eBird Basic Dataset (EBD; see <> for access), a downloadable text file. This package is an interface to AWK for extracting data from the EBD based on taxonomic, spatial, or temporal filters, to produce a manageable file size that can be imported into R.

Authors:Matthew Strimas-Mackey [aut, cre], Eliot Miller [aut], Wesley Hochachka [aut], Cornell Lab of Ornithology [cph]

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# Install auk in R:
install.packages('auk', repos = c('', ''))

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Readme and manuals

Help Manual

Help pageTopics
Filter the eBird data by spatial bounding boxauk_bbox
Filter the eBird data by Bird Conservation Regionauk_bcr
Filter to only include observations with breeding codesauk_breeding
Clean an eBird data file (Deprecated)auk_clean
Filter out incomplete checklists from the eBird dataauk_complete
Filter the eBird data by countryauk_country
Filter the eBird data by countyauk_county
Filter the eBird data by dateauk_date
Filter eBird data by distance travelledauk_distance
Filter the eBird data by durationauk_duration
Reference to eBird data fileauk_ebd
Get the EBD version and associated taxonomy versionauk_ebd_version
Filter the eBird data by exotic codeauk_exotic
Filter the eBird data by spatial extentauk_extent
Filter the eBird file using AWKauk_filter auk_filter.auk_ebd auk_filter.auk_sampling
OS specific path to AWK executableauk_get_awk_path
Return EBD data pathauk_get_ebd_path
Filter the eBird data by last edited dateauk_last_edited
Filter the eBird data by observerauk_observer
Filter the eBird data by project codeauk_project
Filter the eBird data by protocolauk_protocol
Roll up eBird taxonomy to speciesauk_rollup
Reference to eBird sampling event fileauk_sampling
Select a subset of columnsauk_select
Set a custom path to AWK executableauk_set_awk_path
Set the path to EBD text filesauk_set_ebd_path
Filter the eBird data by speciesauk_species
Split an eBird data file by speciesauk_split
Filter the eBird data by stateauk_state
Filter the eBird data by checklist start timeauk_time
Remove duplicate group checklistsauk_unique
Versions of auk, the EBD, and the eBird taxonomyauk_version
Filter the eBird data to a set of yearsauk_year
Read and zero-fill an eBird data fileauk_zerofill auk_zerofill.auk_ebd auk_zerofill.character collapse_zerofill
BCR Codesbcr_codes
Lookup species in eBird taxonomyebird_species
eBird Statesebird_states
eBird Taxonomyebird_taxonomy
Filter observations to repeat visits for hierarchical modelingfilter_repeat_visits
Format EBD data for occupancy modeling with 'unmarked'format_unmarked_occu
Get eBird taxonomy via the eBird APIget_ebird_taxonomy
Process eBird bar chart dataprocess_barcharts
Read an EBD fileread_ebd read_ebd.auk_ebd read_ebd.character read_sampling read_sampling.auk_ebd read_sampling.auk_sampling read_sampling.character
Valid Protocolsvalid_protocols