Package: circle 0.7.2

Patrick Schratz

circle: R Client Package for Circle CI

Tools for interacting with the 'Circle CI' API (<>). Besides executing common tasks such as querying build logs and restarting builds, this package also helps setting up permissions to deploy from builds.

Authors:Patrick Schratz [aut, cre], Max Joseph [rev], Sharla Gelfand [rev]

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circle/json (API)

# Install circle in R:
install.packages('circle', repos = c('', ''))

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Getting Started

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Using {circle} with {tic}

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Readme and manuals

Help Manual

Help pageTopics
Circle CI API Clientcircle-package
Authenticate to Circle CIbrowse_circle_token
Retrieve Metadata from Circle CI Buildsbuilds get_jobs get_pipelines get_workflows retry_workflow
Interact with "Checkout Keys" on Circle CIcheckout_key create_checkout_key delete_checkout_key get_checkout_keys has_checkout_key
Circle CI HTTP Requestscircle
Open circle Configuration fileedit_circle_config
Enable a repo on Circle CIenable_repo
Interact with Environment Variable(s) on Circle CIdelete_env_var env_var get_env_vars set_env_var
Get Build Artifacts of a Specific Jobget_build_artifacts
Get Circle CI userget_circle_user
List Circle CI Projectslist_projects
Trigger a New Build on Circle CInew_build
Set Up Build Deployment Between Circle CI And Githubuse_circle_deploy