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Matthew Hoff

eia: API Wrapper for U.S. Energy Information Administration ('EIA') Open Data

Provides API access to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration ('EIA') <>. Use of the EIA's API and this package requires a free API key obtainable at <>. This package includes functions for searching the EIA data directory and returning time series and geoset time series datasets. Datasets returned by these functions are provided by default in a tidy format, or alternatively, in more raw formats. It also offers helper functions for working with EIA date strings and time formats and for inspecting different summaries of series metadata. The package also provides control over API key storage and caching of API request results.

Authors:Matthew Leonawicz [aut], Matthew Hoff [aut, cre]

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eia/json (API)

# Install eia in R:
install.packages('eia', repos = c('', ''))

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eia: EIA API wrappereia-package eia
Clear API results cacheeia_clear_cache eia_clear_data eia_clear_dir eia_clear_facets eia_clear_metadata
EIA dataeia_data
EIA directoryeia_dir
EIA facetseia_facets
Set and get API keyeia_get_key eia_key eia_set_key
EIA metadataeia_metadata
EIA date parsingdate_to_eiadate eiadate eiadate_to_date eiadate_to_date_seq