Package: fellingdater 1.0.2

Kristof Haneca

fellingdater: Estimate, report and combine felling dates of historical tree-ring series

fellingdater is an R package that aims to facilitate the analysis and interpretation of tree-ring data from wooden cultural heritage objects and structures. The package standardizes the process of computing and combining felling date estimates, both for individual and groups of related tree-ring series.

Authors:Kristof Haneca [aut, cre, cph], Koen Van Daele [ctb], Ronald Visser [ctb], Antonio Jesus PĂ©rez-Luque [rev], Nicholas John Tierney [rev]

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# Install fellingdater in R:
install.packages('fellingdater', repos = c('', ''))

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Brathen 1982 sapwood data set.Brathen_1982
Calculate correlation values between tree-ring seriescor_table
Report felling dates of individual tree-ring seriesfd_report
fellingdaterfellingdater-package fellingdater
Retrieve the HEADER fields of a Heidelberg format (.fh) filefh_header
Compute the highest posterior density interval (hdi)hdi
Hollstein 1980 sapwood data set.Hollstein_1980
Miles 1997 sapwood data set.Miles_1997_NM
Miles 1997 sapwood data set.Miles_1997_SC
Miles 1997 sapwood data set.Miles_1997_WBC
Compute a running mean on a time seriesmov_av
Pilcher 1987 sapwood data set.Pilcher_1987
Read a Heidelberg format (.fh) tree-ring fileread_fh
Sohar et al. 2012 sapwood data set.Sohar_2012_ELL_c
Sohar et al. 2012 sapwood data set.Sohar_2012_ELL_t
Sohar et al. 2012 sapwood data set.Sohar_2012_FWE_c
Sohar et al. 2012 sapwood data set.Sohar_2012_FWE_t
Compute a single felling date range by combining multiple sapwood estimatessw_combine
Plot the output of 'sw_combine()'sw_combine_plot
Detailed information on a sapwood data setsw_data_info
Overview of available sapwood data sets in the 'fellingdater' packagesw_data_overview
Computes the limits of the felling date rangesw_interval
Plot function for the output of 'sw_interval()'sw_interval_plot
Model sapwood data and compute the highest posterior density intervalsw_model
Plot function for the output of 'sw_model()'sw_model_plot
Compute the summed probability of multiple felling date rangessw_sum
Plot the output of 'sw_sum()'sw_sum_plot
Example dataset 0trs_example0
Example dataset 1trs_example1
Example dataset 2trs_example2
Example dataset 3trs_example3
Example dataset 4trs_example4
Example dataset 5trs_example5
Example dataset 6trs_example6
Example dataset 7trs_example7
van Daalen (unpublished) sapwood data set.vanDaalen_NLBE
van Daalen (unpublished) sapwood data set.vanDaalen_Norway
Wazny 1990 sapwood data set.Wazny_1990