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Elin Waring

qcoder: Lightweight Qualitative Coding

A free, lightweight, open source option for analyzing text-based qualitative data. Enables analysis of interview transcripts, observation notes, memos, and other sources. Supports the work of social scientists, historians, humanists, and other researchers who use qualitative methods. Addresses the unique challenges faced in analyzing qualitative data analysis. Provides opportunities for researchers who otherwise might not develop software to build software development skills.

Authors:Beth Duckles [aut], Dan Sholler [aut], Elin Waring [cre], Jenny Draper [aut], Ted Laderas [aut], Fred VanWindekens [ctb], Yuri Dias [ctb], Sheriff Colley [ctb], Jamal Jones [ctb], Michael Lieberman [ctb], Tenzing Sherpa [ctb], Stephanie Guillou [ctb]

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# Install qcoder in R:
install.packages('qcoder', repos = c('', ''))

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Help pageTopics
Code Qualitative Data A light weight approach to qualitative coding and analysisqcoder-package qcoder
Add code Append a new unit record to the existing data frameadd_code
Adds codes surrounding the selected textadd_codes_to_selection
Update codes data frame Add discovered codes to the codes data frameadd_discovered_code
Add new documents Adds new document or documents to an existing documents data frame.add_new_documents
Add unit Append a new unit record to the existing data frameadd_unit
Build the paths for file creationbuild_paths
Create an empty codes data setcreate_empty_code_file
Create an empty documents data setcreate_empty_docs_file
Define an empty many to many unit to document mapcreate_empty_unit_doc_file
Define an empty units data framecreate_empty_units_file
Create a standard set of folders for a QCoder projectcreate_qcoder_project
Update document Updates the text field of the documents data frame, typically after pressing Save button in the Shiny App. May also be used in the console.do_update_document
Check for coding errorserror_check
Extract codes from text Take coded text and extract the codes, assuming they are correctly formatted.get_codes
Read data into a project Convenience method to read raw data from standard locations and using standard names in a project folder structure.import_project_data
Parse one documentparse_one_document
Parse coded textparse_qcodes
Parse a single item within a documentparse_splititem
This launches the coder Shiny appqcode
This launches the coder custom Shiny appqcode_custom
Create a file of codes from csv file Use this if you have a spreadsheet of codes already created.read_code_data
This launches the data-reader Shiny appread_data
Create a data frame of documentsread_documents_data
Create a data frame of units from csv file Use this is you have a spreadsheet of units already created.read_unit_data
Create a data frame of unit to document links from csv file Use this is you have a spreadsheet already created.read_unit_document_map_data
Format text as HTML Minimal conversion of a text to htmltxt2html
Update document to unit links Saves or updates the links between observation units and documentsupdate_links
Check for a valid qcoder projectvalidate_project
Check for required imported data frames.validate_project_files