Package: quadkeyr 0.1.0

Florencia DAndrea

quadkeyr: Tools for converting QuadKey-identified datasets (Microsoft's Bing Maps Tile System) into raster images and analyzing Meta (Facebook) Mobility Data.

'Quadkeyr' functions generate raster images based on QuadKey-identified data, facilitating efficient integration of Tile Maps data into R workflows. In particular, 'Quadkeyr' provides support to process and analyze Facebook mobility datasets within the R environment.

Authors:Florencia D'Andrea [aut, cre], Pilar Fernandez [aut], Maria Paula Caldas [rev], Vincent van Hees [rev], CDC's Center for Forecasting and Outbreak Analytics [fnd], MIDAS-NIH COVID-19 urgent grant program [fnd], Paul G. Allen School for Global Health, Washington State University [cph]

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# Install quadkeyr in R:
install.packages('quadkeyr', repos = c('', ''))

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    Converting Meta (Facebook) Mobility QuadKey-identified Datasets into Raster Files

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    From a QuadKey to a Simple Features data.frame and other conversions

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    Generating a Raster Image from Quadkey-Identified Data

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    QuadKey Visualization App

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    Readme and manuals

    Help Manual

    Help pageTopics
    Add the rows needed to complete a regular QuadKey polygon grid derived from the bounding box of the 'quadkey' column of a data.frame.add_regular_polygon_grid
    Apply a 7 day lag to the variable 'n_crisis'apply_weekly_lag
    Create grid of QuadKeys for a particular zoom or level of detail.create_qk_grid
    Create a 'stars' rastercreate_stars_raster
    Format the Facebook mobility dataformat_fb_data
    Get lat/long coordinates from the QuadKeyget_qk_coord
    Get regular QuadKey polygon grid derived from the bounding box of the 'quadkey' column of a data.frame.get_regular_polygon_grid
    Convert a grid of QuadKeys to square polygonsgrid_to_polygon
    Ground resolution at a specified latitude and zoom levelground_res
    Convert lat/long coordinates to pixel XY coordinateslatlong_to_pixelXY
    Convert latitude/longitude coordinates into QuadKeyslatlong_to_quadkey
    Map scale (1 : N)mapscale
    Map size in pixelsmapsize
    Detect dates and hours missing in filenamesmissing_combinations
    Convert pixel XY coordinatess into lat/long coordinates.pixelXY_to_latlong
    Convert pixel XY coordinates into tile XY coordinatespixelXY_to_tileXY
    Create and save raster images for different dates and timespolygon_to_raster
    Launch the Shiny Appqkmap_app
    Convert data.frame with 'quadkey' column to a 'sf' POLYGON data.framequadkey_df_to_polygon
    Convert a string of Quadkey numbers to lat/long coordinatesquadkey_to_latlong
    Convert a QuadKey into a square polygonquadkey_to_polygon
    Convert a QuadKey into tile XY coordinates.quadkey_to_tileXY
    Read all the .csv files in a folder and format the data.read_fb_mobility_files
    Convert a incomplete QuadKey 'sf' POINT data.frame into a regular grid.regular_qk_grid
    Convert tile XY coordinates into pixel XY coordinatestileXY_to_pixelXY
    Convert tile XY coordinates into a QuadKey.tileXY_to_quadkey