Package: ritis 1.0.0

Julia Blum

ritis: Integrated Taxonomic Information System Client

An interface to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System ('ITIS') (<>). Includes functions to work with the 'ITIS' REST API methods (<>), as well as the 'Solr' web service (<>).

Authors:Julia Blum [aut, cre], Scott Chamberlain [aut], rOpenSci [fnd]

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ritis/json (API)

# Install ritis in R:
install.packages('ritis', repos = c('', ''))

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  • solr_fields - List of fields that can be used in solr functions



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ritisritis-package ritis
Get accepted names from tsnaccepted_names
Get any match count.any_match_count
Get comment detail from TSNcomment_detail
Get common names from tsncommon_names
Get core metadata from tsncore_metadata
Get coverge from tsncoverage
Get credibility rating from tsncredibility credibility_rating credibility_ratings
Get currency from tsncurrency
Get date data from tsndate_data
Get description of the ITIS servicedescription
Get expert information for the TSN.experts
Get full record from TSN or lsidfull_record
Get geographic divisions from tsngeographic_divisions
Get all possible geographic valuesgeographic_values
Get global species completeness from tsnglobal_species_completeness
Get hierarchy down from tsnhierarchy hierarchy_down hierarchy_full hierarchy_up
ITIS Solr facetitis_facet
ITIS Solr group searchitis_group
ITIS Solr highlightitis_highlight
ITIS Solr searchitis_search
Get jurisdictional origin from tsnjurisdiction jurisdictional_origin jurisdiction_origin_values jurisdiction_values
Get kingdom names from tsnkingdoms kingdom_name kingdom_names
Provides the date the ITIS database was last updatedlast_change_date
Gets the TSN corresponding to the LSID, or an empty result if there is no match.lsid2tsn
Returns a list of the other sources used for the TSN.other_sources
Returns the parent TSN for the entered TSN.parent_tsn
Returns a list of the pulications used for the TSN.publications
Returns the kingdom and rank information for the TSN.rank_name
Provides a list of all the unique rank names contained in the database and their kingdom and rank ID values.rank_names
Gets a record from an LSIDrecord
Returns the review year for the TSN.review_year
Returns the scientific name for the TSN. Also returns the component parts (names and indicators) of the scientific name.scientific_name
Search for any matched pagesearch_any_match_paged
Search for any matchsearch_anymatch
Search for tsn by common namesearch_common
Search by scientific namesearch_scientific
ITIS Solr Methodssolr
List of fields that can be used in solr functionssolr_fields
Returns a list of the synonyms (if any) for the TSN.synonym_names
Returns the author information for the TSN.taxon_authorship
Get ITIS terms, i.e., tsn's, authors, common names, and scientific namesterms
Get tsn by vernacular languagetsn_by_vernacular_language
Gets the unique LSID for the TSN, or an empty result if there is no match.tsn2lsid
Returns the unacceptability reason, if any, for the TSN.unacceptability_reason
Returns the usage information for the TSN.usage
Provides a list of the unique languages used in the vernacular table.vernacular_languages