Package: tidync

Michael Sumner

tidync: A Tidy Approach to 'NetCDF' Data Exploration and Extraction

Tidy tools for 'NetCDF' data sources. Explore the contents of a 'NetCDF' source (file or URL) presented as variables organized by grid with a database-like interface. The hyper_filter() interactive function translates the filter value or index expressions to array-slicing form. No data is read until explicitly requested, as a data frame or list of arrays via hyper_tibble() or hyper_array().

Authors:Michael Sumner [aut, cre], Simon Wotherspoon [ctb], Tomas Remenyi [ctb], Ben Raymond [ctb], Jakub Nowosad [ctb], Tim Lucas [ctb], Hadley Wickham [ctb], Adrian Odenweller [ctb], Patrick Van Laake [ctb]

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# Install tidync in R:
install.packages('tidync', repos = c('', ''))

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NetCDF with tidync

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Tidy tools for NetCDF data.tidync-package
Activate a NetCDF gridactivate activate.tidync active active.default active.tidync active<- active<-.default
Extract NetCDF data as an arrayhyper_array hyper_array.character hyper_array.tidync hyper_slice tidync_data
Subset NetCDF variable by expressionhyper_filter hyper_filter.tidync
A dplyr cube tblhyper_tbl_cube hyper_tbl_cube.character hyper_tbl_cube.tidync
Extract NetCDF data as an expanded table.hyper_tibble hyper_tibble.character hyper_tibble.tidync
Axis transformshyper_transforms hyper_transforms.default
Grid statushyper_dims hyper_grids hyper_vars
Print tidync objectprint.tidync
Print tidync dataprint.tidync_data
Tidy NetCDFtidync tidync.character tidync.tidync_data