Package: osmextract

Andrea Gilardi

osmextract: Download and Import Open Street Map Data Extracts

Match, download, convert and import Open Street Map data extracts obtained from several providers.

Authors:Andrea Gilardi [aut, cre], Robin Lovelace [aut], Barry Rowlingson [ctb], Salva Fernández [rev], Nicholas Potter [rev]

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osmextract/json (API)

# Install osmextract in R:
install.packages('osmextract', repos = c('', ''))

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  • bbbike_zones - An sf object of geographical zones taken from
  • geofabrik_zones - An sf object of geographical zones taken from
  • openstreetmap_fr_zones - An sf object of geographical zones taken from
  • test_zones - An sf object of geographical zones taken from



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Add new OpenStreetMap providers

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Comparing the supported OSM providers

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Introducing osmextract

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Readme and manuals

Help Manual

Help pageTopics
An sf object of geographical zones taken from bbbike.orgbbbike_zones
An sf object of geographical zones taken from geofabrik.degeofabrik_zones
Clean download directoryoe_clean
Download a file given a urloe_download
Return the download directory used by the packageoe_download_directory
Get the path of .pbf and .gpkg files associated with an input OSM extractoe_find
Find, download, translate and read OSM extracts from several providersoe_get
Get the administrative boundary for a given placeoe_get_boundary
Return keys and (optionally) values stored in "other_tags" columnoe_get_keys oe_get_keys.character oe_get_keys.default oe_get_keys.sf print.oe_key_values_list
Import transport networks used by a specific mode of transportoe_get_network
Match input place with a urloe_match oe_match.bbox oe_match.character oe_match.default oe_match.numeric oe_match.sf oe_match.sfc
Check patterns in the provider's databasesoe_match_pattern oe_match_pattern.bbox oe_match_pattern.character oe_match_pattern.numeric oe_match_pattern.sf oe_match_pattern.sfc
Summary of available providersoe_providers
Read a .pbf or .gpkg object from file or urloe_read
Search for a place and return an sf data frame locating itoe_search
Update all the .osm.pbf files saved in a directoryoe_update
Translate a .osm.pbf file into .gpkg formatoe_vectortranslate
An sf object of geographical zones taken from download.openstreetmap.fropenstreetmap_fr_zones
Read a '.poly' file.read_poly
An sf object of geographical zones taken from download.openstreetmap.frtest_zones